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Ancient armor broken?

It seems that anything with a natural armor rating (i.e. helm, chest, and boots) isn't getting the bonus from the "ancient" item type. Works fine with weapons, shield, items and such. This isn't actually intended is it?

I noticed this on my plate boots and chest? Maybe just an issue with plate?
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I've investigated this issue, and it just seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding.

With an Epic Ancient Platemail Armor, it will have a +10 bonus with a defense value total of 50 (without the +10 it would be 40). I think you were expecting it to add +10 on top of the 50 to make it 60.
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I've investigated also and would have to disagree with Mayo, ancient armor is bugged and not working correctly.

firstly I had 2 helmets, both legendary scalemail, one demonic (ac14 +1skull damage) one ancient (ac14 +5 defense) the ONLY difference I would get when switching them was the 1 point change in skull damage. So next I equipped the ancient one and upgraded it to legendary, it gained new stats (now ac15 +10 defense) but my defense rating only went up by 1, the change from supposedly +5 to +10 did absolutely nothing. Definitely not working right
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