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Third Party Maps

I can't download maps for pretty much any source game with the fastdownload or whatever client it does to download the map through the game. I mostly only cared about playing first party maps in tf2 anyway, but in gmod it's pretty much intolerable. I've got to go online and hope I can find a version of the map, download it, and drag it into my maps folder.

Is this a common problem, or is this something I can troubleshoot? Or a unique, unsolvable problem?

Screenies of it happening in gmod:



It's essentially the same in TF2 and CS:S.

Every other file downloads perfectly fine in every game; just not the maps.
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I have the exact same problem. Mac TF2 is what I use. I have friends with Windows TF2 with the same problem.
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I'm going to do a bit of a bump here, i really want to know if this is solvable.
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Most of the time, this is an issue with the server configuration, not your client. Windows users sometimes experience this too. I've played TF2 and GMod on plenty of servers with custom maps and it downloaded them just fine - on others, I got the same error as you.

Unfortunately the only workaround right now is to do what you're currently doing and download the map yourself (or use the cloud feature in GMod if the map is available).
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