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Bug report - relic description

Found a small but annoying bug - sometimes the game skips the artifact description window when you turn one in, as if it has been instantly closed. This leaves the player without a clue on which item has been found.

Cheers for the otherwise great game/concept. Maybe you guys could make contact with Dwarf Fortress devs? One may dream...
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Lunar Giant Studios
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Thanks for the report. We have seen this before, and are hoping to resolve it in the next patch.

You still get credited with the item, it just doesn't display.
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On the topic of relic descriptions, when you view the list of relics you've ever found, the bogus relics display the gold adjustment as being positive rather than negative, though still in red. For example, a relic that penalized you by 4 gold in the game will show as +4 gold when viewed from the main menu.

Trivial display bug, but there you go.
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