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HL2DM on Source-2009 bug reports (Read these, Valve!!)

First I'd like to thank you that you've turned your attention back to this wonderful game.
Now the bugs I've noticed so far:
If you've been Ducking, you gotta stop moving at all for a moment, before Sprint can work again. This bug jams bunnyhopping, speedcrawling and basic movement.

SMG-nades and Crossbow bolts (Rockets and Orbs too?) hang in the air for a moment before flying. Use host_timescale 0.1 to see.

Some map elements are not working as they should: laser on dm_octagon is not dangerous anymore, superchargers have become weaker.

Please, people, post more detailed reports here, but don't repost what already has been, pl0x.

Report by CellarDweller:
i'll just throw these out there for people to agree with or debunk as the usual bug unfixed...

in addition to no speed crawl and crippled bhob coming out of crouch mentioned above...

scroll jump no longer works adequately. this has been attributed to linux servers only... i dont know how to verify that. but if you attempt to bhop with scroll wheel jump you will "stick" to the floor about 50% of the time. you can stay in one place, stationary, and just scroll jump w/o moving (standing and crouched both) and see the effect.

strafing up inclines gets you a lot more air, seems much easier to glide/slide up inclines. i could nearly make it from caverns above rpg (strafe over grate area) up to the open area behind supercharger... w/o using jump at all. and my movement is ♥♥♥♥e. so im sure other people will be able to do that and more on other maps.

fast orbs seem faster and more difficult to catch (more testing needed).

frag nades seems to explode quicker than the 5 secs, frag nades more difficult to catch, frag nades splash damage seems more powerful (more testing needed on all).

i initially thought the shotty had become less powerful and more consistant. then i killed holy on caverns with a double shotty from sewer to ramp double-health corner. he was afk, so i guess he could have had 1 health while standing on top of the unspawned healthpacks. still a stupid kill for that distance imho.

yo-yo-ing anything is more difficult. frag nades and orbs are easier than props.

glitch prop/jumping/flying seems to be gone. grav/prop jumping seems to work easier.

mag seemed overpowered, but i suspect its actually due to better hit registry.

more blood graphics? but a strange difference i noticed with shotty. close combat produced more blood, but farther away showed no blood... just puffs of smoke instead... even though it registered as hits. i think i was mostly on pure=0 servers and i do have hd effects... so that may just be my issue.

previous demos no workie... this is devastating to those with works in progress.
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Prepare for a huge list of bugs!
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Hand grenades explode b4 they should most the time, like on the third click rather then the 5th.
Physics out of sync, includes orbs smg nades hand nades and rpg.
Physics hits just bounce of certain players alot, why it hapens to some more then other i dont know.
Hitreg while better then it used to be is still quite bad on some players, probably something dodgy about their setup, i would really like that to be taken care of once and for all, s me.
Crosshair clientschemes no longer work.
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post bugs here
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- Hammer doesn't work right anymore.
- Editor-Files like wireframe.vmt or error.mdl can't be found in Hammer
- Custom Textures cant be found in Hammer too and are just white!

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