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Loading from Steam Cloud - game not there?!

When I'm away, I play Civ V on my laptop, and at home I prefer to play it on my desktop computer.

And before I left today, I saved the game to the Steam Cloud, and loaded it just fine. But the revers isn't possible, it seems.

All I get on my desktop computer is the game I saved when I left home. NOT the one I saved from the laptop. I even tried saving in a new slot on the lappy, and that slot is empty when seen from the desktop pc >_<

Is there a way to refresh the cloud? Has anyone expirienced this? Should I just find the saved game on the laptop and manually copy it over?
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i am having the same problem...

temp fix is to do a manual copy of the save game.
copy the saves from this folder on your laptop
C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\Saves
to that directory on your desktop
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I couldn't load from the steam cloud either, though it was a mod save and that may have been the cause of it since the game wouldn't load the autosaves of the mod game either.
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Just had this too, put in a few hours of play on the laptop and the save game at work is out of date, I'm guessing it does a time check on the saves and doesn't bother fetching it because it thinks it already has it or something.

Edit: I managed to force a sync by deleting civ 5's steam cache (Steam\userdata\12055544\8930), but it doesn't help, so I can only assume that the problem is with saving to the steam cloud but shutting down steam before its had a chance to sync.

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