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last night
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Final Fantasy XIV

ello everyone !!

We hope that FFIXV add to Steam + Steam Store, for me Steam is electronic Bag, all my game reserved , easy to login easy to deal such as " backup, Friend list, News, hijacker issues ....etc"

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Such a horrid game. I cannot believe an MMO with a subscription fee in 2010 could be that terrible.
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It REALLY is that bad. I mean, I didnt think it was possible for it to be WORSE than FF11 in every single way, but they managed to somehow release an MMO on PC that barely functions with a keyboard and mouse.
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It'll never be on steam cause of one of the ADD request rules

NEW! No Pay-Per-Month/Week/Year games either! It's 1 price deal!
And yeah it's abysmal, spend a few hours playing and your screwed cause you'll hit your EXP gain cap and have to wait for it to reset. That's if you can figure out all the controls and actually get anywhere. I played it in beta and was soooo glad since i almost pre-ordered the game. Saved a big wad of cash to buy something that's actually playable, like Cities XL lol
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