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FFXIV - Can see main menu screen but no text?

I've encountered this following problem:


I can see the logo, I can see the version numbers (which are worryingly containing nothing but zeros despite patching it) but there's no text!

I've tried using both ATI display drivers 10.8 & 10.9 on Windows 7 64bit. I'm using a HD4890, 4gb DDR3 ram, basically I shouldn't have to worry about anything computer hardware related

Anyone know how to fix this? I've disabled my anti-virus & peerblocking programs which only help me get past the updater launcher. I've tried playing the game in windowed mode & fullscreeen & I've tried lowering the resolution. Nothing works

I'm hoping its a simple solution, maybe something in my Catalyst Control Center. I've tried googling the problem for hours but not really getting anywhere

Some people say to reinstall it but it took me 4 hours before it finished unpacking from my DVD drive. Not sure why its so achingly slow (I know its 15gb but this is ridiculous) but my PC would quite often pause for quite a while, not making any noise, then eventually resume after 20min breaks
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Judging by the 00000etc version numbers, it probably is the game and reinstalling is likely your only hope.
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