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Solidarity Thread: People Who are Fine with Civ 5

I have had no major bugs with Civilization 5, I think the AI works better than previous Civs--especially considering it actually attempts to have an economy--and the new features add a lot to the fun of the game.

I wish the multiplayer was fully functional but me and my roommate haven't had time for a game yet. In other words, Civ 5 is working great all around for me.

So, post 'em if you feel the same... just to counterbalance all of these "HAET RAGE GRR I PAID MONEY FOR A GAME I HATE BEING ME!" threads
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Yeah I love the game like a kid loves army men. Once they iron out the bugs it's only going to be a bonus.
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Havent played a Civ in a long time. But I love this game. The more I play it the more I learn and I always cant wait to start the next game and try stuff I lernt in the last one.
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This is the first Civilization game I've really played, and not to mention the first game from this entire genre. I loaded it up not sure what to expect, but I ended up being hooked right away, and have sunk an obscene amount of time into it since launch. I love it.

The game has obvious downsides, and I've read through a lot of threads here to see where the game "fails" compared to Civ 4, but overall, the game still offers a good level of depth, and personally, I'm glad that things like espionage don't exist in this game. Religion might have been alright, but even without it, I don't mind.

The things I don't like about the game come down to mostly bugs and lack of refinement. I know this is a top-down view game, but I can't help but want to zoom right into a wonder I just built and check it out, or a natural wonder for that matter. On the refinement side, seeing the same lines told to you by other AI rulers gets old quick ("A likely story"), but hearing their native languages and music makes up for it to me. It's brilliant.

I foresee Civ V dominating my game time for a while...
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I love that they took a fresh approach to so much of the game, otherwise they could have just released another expansion pack.

Most of the issues that I have with this game I only noticed after I dropped 40 hours on it. Seriously, I don't play games that much these days - this is more in one week than I probably do in a year. Some of the minor issues I had with the build queue and the removal of the clock (a must to avoid playing until 4 am) already have mods out for them. I have yet to find a complaint that probably won't be fixed with a mod or a patch. That being said, I really want to ditch the advisors for the old charts. Otherwise, the warfare alone makes me not want to play Civ 4 again.
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I'm totally fine with everything about the game, except that they removed religion, espionage and corporation. I still love it.
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Love it. It's been a long, long time since a game kept me up past midnight but with this I only noticed it was 3am when my freeview box powered up to get a tv listings update!
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I like it so far, too.

My only bigger problem (regarding bugs) is that after some years I cannot load anymore from the game, I must restart the game and load from the main menu when the game is freshly started. Also loading takes a bit too long.
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Don't like CIV V in it's current state. Mostly cause I been with CIV from part 2 and always a new chapter gave tons of extra's. With V we were left with less then in IV. But....In the long run it will be other way around with expansion packs and mods, let's just hope it will not cost a fortune in DLC's to make this game better then part IV.
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Originally Posted by dieffenbachj View Post
I think the AI works better
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Originally Posted by lyravega View Post
I agree that the AI is better than it was in Civ 4.
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Sure there's bugs and some missing features but the game is great so far! I loved every single iteration of Civ games!<

I really like the changes : 1 upt, hexes, city-states, empire hapiness, improved gold importance and social policies!
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Originally Posted by lyravega View Post
The Civilization IV AI was pathetic.

Did you ever conquer an enemy city and notice they only have a temple? That wasn't because your invading forces razed most economic buildings as like, a balancing factor or something. No no. It was because the AI didn't include programming for constructing buildings, maintaining happiness or health, or earning gold; it was 100% computer fakery, with them simply receiving quantities of gold, ignoring unhappiness and building units without requisite buildings.

Do you know how the AI build wonders? Perhaps you assume they only had a single monument because they were building wonders constantly. Nope. There was a percent chance each turn that they would earn a wonder in a random city. So did Ghandi ever beat you to Stone Henge? It was because he rolled a crit on his Build Wonder check a turn before you legitimately built it.

And needless to say, since they didn't have a self-sustaining economy and were just gifted gold, all research they did was just granted to them out of thin air.

I never found the tactics of the AI to be challenging... the only reason it was scary was volume. They had infinite gold with which to upgrade units, and a single stack could certainly conquer any of my cities, since I had to, you know, divide my forces along my borders. But once they were broken, the AI had no idea how to recruit more emergency troops through gold, production focus or drafting. Easy mopping up.

Hmmm... oh, and the Diplomatic AI. Very simple in Civ IV. Oh, sure, you could see all those numbers, but there was comparatively fewer number variables than there are in Civ V. Add that to the fact that Civilization V's personalities are much more distinct and affect gameplay...

Oh, and I've never seen an AI in a previous Civ game go for a non-conquest victory, if they go for a victory at all. Usually they might win by a U.N. victory if I'm unpopular, but it's not through their efforts to be popular, just through randomly being the least unpopular of the AI.

Oh, right: and the AI in this can plan ahead. It can use devious strategies like arranging for open borders through neutral territory, or planning wars 10 turns ahead of time (next time a cluster of people go to war with you, go back to an autosave or two--ten+ turns before the war, everyone will be happy to trade with you, nine- turns they'll refuse even if they love you), or cutting out your support base by killing City States if you're particularly powerful with them, or even offering you an open borders trade JUST to get units next to your cities (Damn you, Caesar).

AI in Civilization IV? They might declare war from across the planet, and declare peace before they ever arrive. They might declare war but not have open borders to get at you, so they do nothing. And they'll call in war buddies, but it'll be a retrospect thing, never planning ahead their allegiances.

Did I forget anything? ... oh yeah, recon. It's possible to sneak around AI in this game. The situations where you would need to or care are limited, but the AI doesn't psychically know that you're just behind that hill--if you can hide, you can live.


It reminds me of people stupidly thinking that the AI in Left 4 Dead 2 is inferior to all AIs on the planet. The exact opposite is true: the AI in L4D2 acts dumb because it utilizes some of the more advanced, and therefore difficult to get right, AI available. It requires senses to find targets, requiring noise and light and line of sight and facing the correct direction; it has to actually aim the gun at the target, it has to path around unique situations... all other games (well, I'll be fair, maybe not 'all') use AI that is VERY good at acting its role, but breaks if forced into unusual circumstances. The classic example would be Oblivion, going invisible and trying to stab someone from behind--the milliseconds between going visible from attacking and hitting the target, they've already detected you, raised their shield and turned to face you.

Or the 'psychic guards', same game, who can detect a crime from a good portion of a mile away, and even if you hide in the most impossible to detect spot with the best stealth in the darkest corner, and they were nowhere near when they decided to hunt you, they will find you. No matter what. Because they KNOW.

Another example, I think I'm referencing Yahtzee here but I'm not sure, is cover systems, and how an AI can be made to SEEM intelligent if it has preprogrammed cover spots and prebuilt paths of travel and prescripted firing patterns and spawn points. But even in Half-Life 2 and company, Valve was experimenting with AI that could find cover behind any object, even spawned or moving physics objects; that could spawn in the Left 4 Dead series dynamically, or path dynamically in the same game (to an extent; common zombies require pathing, special zombies more or less don't and tanks do not).

And yet, Half-Life 2 or Left 4 Dead often has quirky systems where the AI paths funny or makes odd decisions or can't hear or see an obvious target; why? Because the more complex the system, the more flaws you'll get.

Civilization 5 has the, hands down, most advanced AI in any Civilization game ever. But just as a preprogrammed series of chest-high walls might have a smoother appearance than the dynamic cover of Left 4 Dead due to the complexity of the programming, so do previous Civilizations have smoother appearances than Civ 5, due to how extremely dumbed down they were and how much the computer cheated to cover its lack of strategic or tactical skill.

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If you're pleased with Civ5, somebody needs to give you a good shaking, sunshine.

It's folk like you who get to test these games, and are so busy happy-clapping that they miss the important things that are core game-breakers.

The good news is that the gaming companies love you.
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