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Any of you know how to make my downloads go faster?

Now im just getting like...30 Kbs. It's always been like that. Any of you know on how to get it faster? I updting my Team Fortress 2 with just 190 MB installed.
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Easton Dark
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Get a better internet connection?

Change your download location to somewhere closer?

Wait for people to finish their downloads?

There's really not a lot of options. It's either your ISP, your download location, or the STEAM servers being clogged.
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Well... With MOH Beta and L4d Sale and TF2 updates... I think the servers are being bombarded.... Valve's fault for releasing too much too soon
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Try changing the download location in the settings, that usually helps.
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Better internet provider, than a better router.
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I wonder why downloading from my country, Finland, is slower than downloading from Netherlands. It's about twice as fast, around 1,3 MB/s in comparison to Finland's 600~ kB/s...

Actually I just noticed that while downloading from Finland, CoD4 is downloading at +800 kB/s while the update for L4D2 is going at 400.

Now L4D2 stopped downloading and CoD4 goes at 1 MB/s.
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some servers are better than others, least thats the case in aus. DL'd from western aus server at 850 kb/s, then dl'd from south aus (much closer) at 400 kb/s
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Get this...

Find the Steam connections, kill them until your download picks up.


( This also works to login faster when it hangs, or update "Steam" faster when it's stuck using a slow server. )

It will also fix 90% of the hangs that involve authenticating actions with slow servers.
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