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File Sharing with Steam

This is my first post and first thread here (:/) so sorry if it's in the wrong place.

I'm at Uni and they've banned peer2peer software on campus; and I'm in halls.
As far as I know Steam only uses peer2peer in voice chat. Is this true, and if so, is there away to disable file-sharing and thus get steam allowed on my network?

Thanks for your help!
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Silicon Vampire
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Sticky: Colleges/Universities Where Steam Does/Does Not Work: Revisited

Have you looked at this thread? Chances are, you'd have to talk to the network admins on campus, see if they will make an exception.

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Peer-2-peer in itself has nothing to do with file sharing; it's just a method of connecting computers across a network.

Steam in its current state has nothing to do with file sharing. You're safe.

Though, if you ask me, Steam would benefit from a p2p downloading system instead of always relying on content servers. But disregard that comment - it's not relevant to the issue on hand.
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You may find this thread helpful. It has a list of universities that support Steam and one's that don't. Other than that you will have to contact your uni's IT support administrators and plead your case.

EDIT: Due to some annoying error on SPUF that keeps logging me out every 10 minutes or so it looks like Silicon Vampire beat me to it. I'm not using my regular PC I'm on a laptop but it's bloody annoying having to sign in every 10 minutes!

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Thanks all for your help; I did look at that thread, but I'm at oxford, and it didn't list that. i also used the search function to check it for P2P and file-sharing, and nothing came up. But I'll re-check it just in case other unis have done something similar.

About file-sharing, it would be a really good option, if it was optional. A lot of networks (i.e. uni networks) ban it since it takes up too much bandwidth, so being able to disable it would be a nice option . But that's an opinion from an opinionated n00b so... !

Thanks for all your help!

P.S. This is where i got my assumption of no Steam from; http://it.worc.ox.ac.uk/Peer2Peer/d_common.php

it's an index of the software they consider P2P/file-sharing.

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