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Change the capital in Civ5?

I have looked everywhere, but can't find it. So isn't this possible anymore?
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Nah. It can't be changed due to the new domination victory conditions.
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I thought you could build a new Palace in any city to change it into the Capital? Didn't I see it in the tutorial? Was I just dreaming this?
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If your capital is conquered you will be randomly (or via a special selection order) asigned a new one but that will not count towards stoping a domination victory.

Your capital is a lot more important now in Civ 5 than in any other civ so it might actually be good to move your first settler around a bit to make sure its position is as good as possible.

What annoys me however is the help says that trade income depends on both capital and other city size but acording to game data it only varies with trading city size (the constant for capital is at 0). This means for the most gold you would want a small capital and all other cities as large as possible which does not really make sense how a small city could generate so much trade money. I understand that a 1:1 weight would be unfair as capitals grow huge compared to other cities and influences all trade routes but a 1:2 or 1:3 weight would probably still remain ballenced (with actual numbers being altered a bit to generate simlar trade gold to now. As it stands, do not even bother connecting very small cities to the trade network cause even costal ones would only break even at 3 or so pop while roads much more.
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