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Week 1 Walkthrough

This is going to spoil a fair bit of the difficulty of the game, but if you are having economic problems, here is a good place to start.

Day 1. With your initial money buy a longsword, and maybe a bracelet or something. The longsword is the only important part. You'll sell your one walnut bread this day, and that's it.

Day 2. Grab your longsword and head to the Adventurer's guild. Do the hall of trials with Louie and Longsword equipped.

Hall of Trials:
Floor 1. This will have green and blue slimes. Green slimes will spawn normally, and blue will spawn as traps. Kill ONLY green slimes. This will get you a very high 'chain' possibly in the 20's depending your luck. After you've killed all the green slimes, check to see if some have respawned, and kill them again. After all greens are dead, get the blues.

Floors 2 to 4. This will be a little trickier, but if you leveled well in the first floor should be a piece of cake. Just watch out for 'fire gnolls' as they are oddly hard to avoid until you get the hang of it. ALWAYS attack at a diagonal. Enemies attack in straight lines, but you have a wide arc, so use it to your advantage.

Ignore all slime fluids that you pick up, and only keep actual items. Hopefully you'll get a few thousand in merchandise between food and swords/daggers etc. Drop all venoms and chestnuts and unidentified ingredients in favor of food etc.

Day 2 continued. Open shop for the last two time slices, selling off as much loot as possible. Always sell at about 104% up to 107% (for Guildmaster and Man). Louie will show up to shop now that he's been unlocked, greatly increasing your xp gain. Keep track of any 'hearts' you get from customers. Anyone who does will likely be able to afford 5k of goods later on. I had 5900 in the bank at the end of this day.

Day 3. Hit the market and guild shop and turn money into goods. Get iron armor and leather boots, and at least 2 apples. Spend almost all your money keeping maybe 300 left for purchases. For the middle two time slices you are going to do the Jade way in a SINGLE RUN. The entire dungeon. Take your armor, boots, and apples (and any random walnut breads for good measure) and hit the Jade way.

Jade Way.
Floors 1-4. Mostly the same as the hall of trials. If you have the armor I suggested buying, almost nothing will hurt you here. I was level 9 when I entered, but that was rather luckier than normal. Even level 6 or 7 should find this pretty easy. Remember you can block gnoll rocks with your shield so long as you aren't attacking. Attack on diagonals, use louie's special move if surrounded by blue slimes. Get all chests.

Slime King Boss. Pretty easy. He doesn't hurt 'on contact', he will only damage you when he lands on you. Time his 'jumps' so that you don't get squished and slice him or his friend in between.

Floors 6-9. A little bit harder, but still not too bad. Just keep being careful and using food if you get low. If you are at high health it might be a good idea to let a roper (tentacle monster thing) just to get an idea of how much damage it will deal. If you have good level and armor it should be no more than 4 damage. Note you can only hit the mushrooms when they are on the ground, and not in mid air.

Reginald Drisby (rat king boss). Another simple fight, avoid the rat and kill the normal colored mushrooms. He'll go eat one of the purple ones, and fall over. Hit him quickly (from behind if possible) and he'll die.

Levels 11-14. Eyebats now exist. Note you can block their projectile with your shield. Kill them all and try to get a bat wing. If you got a charred lizard from the rat, and a slime liver from the slime king, that is optimal, but would require a lot of reloading so don't sweat it. These levels shouldn't be much harder than previous ones at this point, eye bats aren't hard to avoid.

Charme (Boss). So here's the big fight. This is the first real test of your prowess. Charme is faster than you, so don't run away from her. Instead face her and swing if she gets close. Listen for her fire kick and dodge it, and get a free swing afterwards. Avoid the net. If you have food don't be afraid to eat it. You'll get a 20k Very odd Vase from the chest after you beat her, and she might drop 'booze of the world' book, which no one will buy.

You should have good inventory after this. Don't pickup any ingredients except for water crystals, special inkwells, 1 each of bat wing, slime liver(king slime only drops this), and charred newt. Maybe fin Fans.

Day 3 Continued. You'll only have a night slice left, use it to sell stuff, and notice that charme will be in your store now.

Starting Day 4 you'll have both Louie and Charme now in your store. If you got the 'optimal' run with charred newt, slime liver and bat wing, caillou will start showing up soon too. Note you canNOT sell the vase in your shop yet. No one will have enough money for it. Worse comes to worse, you can pawn it at the guild for about 6000 pix.

For the remainder of the week keep selling things at about 105% and buying them at about 70%. Purchase goods in the range of 1 to 2k pix. Keep in mind little girls only have about 599 pix on hand, so keep cheap bracelets and food for them to purchase.

So, why do it this way? Well, we are maximizing experience something fierce. In this game you get a certain number of generic customers in each slice (depending on atmosphere and display items). By unlocking Louie charme and maybe Caillou early, we increase the number of people who can show up in each time slice. This is important for two reasons:

1. Obviously more people means more sales.
2. We really REALLY want to increase the 'just combo' chain length.

Consider if you make 5 transactions in a window, each being a just combo (Aka, no haggle):
12 + 14 + 18 + 26 + 42 = 112 experience. If you make even one more sale, you'll get: 12 + 14 + 18 + 26 + 42 + 74 = 186. That's 66% more experience. Further more, by selling in the 105% range, we'll likely get the 'near pin' bonus on each sale as well, which is 5 more per sale. That's another 25 experience on top of it. Not as nice, but still worth it, especially early. That's not why we do that though. The customer regard goes up faster on near pins and Just Pins (exact pricing). This means they'll give <3 hearts faster. More hearts = bigger budget. Bigger budget means buying significantly more pricey items. 105% of a 5000 pix item is more worth it than 130% of a 1000 pix item!

Well, for those who are having a hard time, I hope this helps!
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Bumping this due to increases popularity of the game due to recent sales.
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*bump* (I hate Slime King Boss)
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Useful, *Bump*
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Thanks for the detail guide. Would have help me a lot if i read it before playing the game...learn all those the hard way T_T
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Can some body sticky this for us.Thank You
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Slime King is a piece of cake as long as you take care to observe its pattern.

Charme, on the other hand, is tough as nails for a beginning Louie user.
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Originally Posted by Red_Falcon_ View Post
Can some body sticky this for us.Thank You
yes, sticky please !
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The general rule is that gameplay guides are not stickied here. As is usually the case there a lot of detailed guides out there for people to get help from if they need it.
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bumpity bump
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yeah, bump, this helped me a lot to understand what is a good strategy for the game. thanks!
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Bump and rep for great justice!
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Nice. I can't get past week 2 so this should help.
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