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Question Music plays during Half-Life

I'm fairly new to Steam (I used it many years ago, but recently started using it again).
I know this is going to sound sound like im trolling but i swear im not!
I bought Half-Life 1 (just regular, not source)
I start the game and everything is fine, but once i start the single player the song "I Dont Want to Dance" by Hey Monday starts playing. But when i exit or pause the game it stops.
I do have the song in my itunes
Im really confused and really would appriciate any help i can get...i really want to play half life tonight
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Have you tried moving the song file to a different location on your hard drive?
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Do you know the location of a file on your hard drive if it is from itunes?
Also, out of curiosity, where are steam game files?

EDIT: I solved the problem somehow by upgrading up to 32bit in video...im confused, but happy
Thanksanyways maledict

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Did you eject the disc in your drive?

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