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TF2 Mac With xbox 360 controller Question

If I want to use a xbox 360 controller with TF2 on mac will I need to use Console.
If I do, what code do I put in and how do I put in a piece of code in?

Help is appreciated.
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You can't right now. TF2 Mac doesn't support gamepads.

Also, Mac itself does not support the Xbox 360 controller. There's an unofficial driver for it that works, but you can't just plug the Xbox 360 controller into the Mac and expect it to work at all. I know, I have one.

It also needs to be wired or you need to get the Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows. The Xbox 360 controller uses a transmission method that isn't supported by any computer without this device. It also works with the unofficial driver for Mac.

Although, if you use a gamepad for TF2 for Mac, you are going to get dominated by all the other computer players. It's been shown that people who play gamepads are always bested by people who play using keyboard+mouse. Microsoft tried combining PC and Xbox 360 gamers in the same game and found that noob mouse players would beat pro Xbox 360 controller players a majority of the time. So save yourself the trouble and learn to play with the keyboard and mouse. You can only play against other Xbox 360 controller players if you agree to play it that way with friends. All public games in the Server browser use keyboard and mouse.
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Yeah, you wouldn't stand a chance. Plus, wouldn't there be no auto aim? Making it ridiculously hard to aim.
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