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When is Lionheart getting fixed?

Ok I bought this game a few days ago as I loved King Arthur the Roleplaying Game.

But Lionheart is completely broken and unplayable. It crashes everytime during the 2nd segement - set up the seige weapons - of the first mission. Loads of people have been reporting this since the game was released and still nothing has been done.

I foolishly bought the game without checking the forums (easy to do as there are no official forums here or at their website) and now regret it as it was no budget game: it cost 40 dollars.

Why no forum for this game? Why are steam selling a broken game when they must know this problem persists?

Very disappointed.

Can we get some timeframe on what is being done? Some acknowledgement of the issue?

I did find some forums in which some chap had created his own home-made fix which works but which causes graphical anomalies. Now I am NOT gonna take some custom-made fix that creates graphical issues after paying so much for this game.

The developers need to fix it asap. Game was released ages ago now.

If it was a minor bug that just caused random crashes from time to time I would be patient, but this bug makes it unplayable.

Dont buy this game until it gets fixed. The game looks great but is unplayable. If you wanna buy pls check my post progress as I will update this post when it gets fixed to let u know that it is safe to play.

However, if no fix in the next month then I want a refund. I'll give them that much time.



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Old 10-23-2010, 01:17 PM   #2
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Ok, new patch has still not fixed this.

Annoying thing is that you cannot save in battle.

So it takes 15-20 mins of play to get to the 2nd stage of the first battle and that's when the crash to desktop happens.

That's another 20 mins wasted.

I will probably claim a refund.

Paradox now have a lionheart forum so will have a look there. If i find an official fix I will report back. If not, refund time.


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Old 10-28-2010, 04:49 AM   #3
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Read this on Paradox forums from a paradox official and he was responding to people asking why new patch didn't fix their problem:

"We decided to get a first patch out with some crash fixes and a bunch of balancing done. Some graphics card/driver combinations proved hard to fix quickly, but we do work at it and will get it done.

Thanks for keeping a level head and civil tone talking about this, I understand it must be pretty frustrating for you!


Loads of people posted their crash dxdiags and so they know they have a problem and I trust they will fix this eventually.

Game looks awesome and I loved King Arthur so I will be patient and play other games until the fix.

However,if you haven't bought the game yet on steam and you want to I would wait until fix; game may come down in price by then. I am playing other games so I aint gonna be totally eagle-eyed on this game's fixes, but when I get a fix i will post.


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Old 01-07-2011, 05:51 PM   #4
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From a very disappointed new Lionheart owner ...

Got the game for Xmas. As an old King Arthur player, loved the game - until it started crashing. I can't get passed level 3 myself (Jerusalem). I then found out that this is a common problem with the game. Much talk on many sites.

The really disappointing thing is that most of the talk I've seen is old - comments going back to last August in the case of this site. I can only assume that Paradox/Neocore aren't trying to fix it??? Bad show.

Unless, of course, you know something different?
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they just don`t give a crap. They got our money and left us with this peice of unplayable junk.
I won`t be buying anymore games from them that`s for sure.
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