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Fallout: New Vegas - Joining the Brotherhood of Steel?

I have completed Still in the dark for the Brotherhood of Steel (Achieving "Liked" Status") but I seem to be having trouble joining their ranks.

I know that you have to oust the elder and get Hardin in, and I have done that (At the very end of other quest, I completed it twice technecly.) and now niether Hardin or the Elder will talk to me. Hardin thanks me for my help and asks me to talk to him later, and the elder tells me that Hardin will be booting him out and that he needs to prepare a defence.

I have played the game for at least 2 in-game weeks by now and this still happens. Help?

I have completed "I can make you care" quest with Veronica. I found the artillary and showed it to the elder, I had veronica stay.
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Doh! I bet you did what I did.

Turns out the first elder has another quest to give you after Still in the Dark. Completing this will make you an official Paladin of the BoS. The problem is, if you give Hardin the evidence against him in the Still in the Dark quest, he won't give you the mission!

Since it's been two weeks in-game, I'm guessing that script where Hardin becomes the elder is bugged, so the only thing you can do is restore from an earlier saved game where you haven't given the evidence to Hardin.
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