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Advice for Newbie!

I've had the game for awhile but just haven't got around to learning it. Decided this week to hit the manual and start kicking some AI ***.
My question is this. I purchased the two available expansions today and wanted to know if while on the learning curve should I keep them activated or is it better to start with the basic game and add the expansions to the experience once I'm proficient. Appreciate any input you could offer.
Eager to get to a level where I can participate in some co-op games, this game look like it's going to be fun!
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A similar question was recently asked on the official forums for the game -- most players seemed to feel it's best to leave them on and start with all of them, but opinions and reasons varied a bit so here's the link: http://www.arcengames.com/forums/ind...ic,7390.0.html

Thanks for your support, and hope you enjoy the game!
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I would say the curve seems the same if you play "vanilla" AI war, and after a while move on, as it is to start with Zenith and Nienzul screaming all over the place - if you start with the goodies it means you learn their quirks quicker
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I started playing when only The Zenith Remnant was out and felt it was OK
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