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Tips for Late Game Economy

I've worked up to playing on Prince and I can't seem to keep my economy in the black, right around the Industrial era or sometimes a bit sooner. I just end up constantly losing $$.

My only saving grace is trying to focus on golden ages where I can increase my economy but it doesn't always work out.

I do build as quick as I can, market/bank/stock exchange and try to keep an equal mix of trading posts on city tiles.

It get's so bad late game that I wind up -100 gold every turn. Even if I choose social policies that reduce my maintenance $$

I do tend to keep an army garrisoned in every town and a couple of siege weapons for taking over other civ cities. I know this is where a majority of my costs come in but it's like you can't have a strong army and expect to maintain a strong economy.

I know that in one of the patches they allowed you to delete/sell obsolete buildings but for the life of me I don't know what buildings are considered obsolete. I also have a tendency to build every building available (except some of the military buildings and walls).

Does anyone have any tips on how to shore up a strong economy?
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It's hard to maintain a strong economy when unit upkeep is eating away at your bottom line. Delete unneeded workers too, I managed to save 20-30 gold per worker around the late stages. Don't build all the buildings. You don't need them in every city. Have cities focus on different things like one concentrate on military output (build a forge, barracks, prehaps armory and maybe even a barracks), another concentrate on science (build library, university, public school etc.), another concentrate on production (I think windmill is the only building that gives an overall production bonus) and another on culture (build temples/monetaries, opera houses etc.). You shouldn't build too many happiness buildings past the colosseum because they costs far too much for what they give in return. Assign people to work in the markets/banks/stock exchanges for extra benefits.

Obsolete buildings would be the workshop once you've constructed all the buildings you require. It won't do anything else other than cost you money.
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You wouldn't happen to be building roads / railroads on every tile, right?

I used to do this, and suddenly realized it wasn't needed.
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As aura said above, maybe you ve built too many roads/railroads or maybe you should just specialise your cities as i do. I decide which cities will be in charge of what and build only required buildings in them. Example, i want to produce mounted units somewhere i build stable and all possible building for bonuses, if city has potential for science i boost it completely in it while in others i keep production high and i make all hapiness related buildings etc in those with high production. Ofcourse i have some buildings in each city, like library, university,economy and culture buildings...but for all the rest i specialise cities and my economy is so strong i simply can buy all economy buildings in cities with high income because i neglect production in them so it takes too long to build a bank or anything .
Hope any of this helps you, cheers and have fun
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Hi All,

Just to add my comments... I found the things that eat up my $ were surplus workers and roads!! U often get city state missions to build roads to them. I realised that once u done the mission and got the rep that u could delete the road network!

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I would try what Grimmstripper said.

Usually I like to rush to currency and then choose (or found) a city, well protected within my borders, with access to some productivity tiles and, ideally, silver or gold. I then build a marketplace (that can be done, with markets and subsequent improvements, in every single city since it has no maintenance cost), a mint where applicable, and start producing money. Every time you hit a market improving tech, upgrade your money city. You’ll want to build trading posts in the surrounding tiles although it’s important to keep a balance between city growth and moneymaking.

Also, you don’t need units garrisoned in every single city unless you’re having serious happiness problems and have the Military Caste policy. I only garrison cities that are in the frontline and, sometimes, important coastal cities.

Hope it helps.
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Ok this is just 1 idea, and always pretty much works for me. to get time victory, also sience and military victory. I play on king level. I think your problem might be building every building.

When producing buildings you only need certain ones.(I play on king maybe higher level you need diff buildings, or you might just want to do something else)

First ones you will want are monument, harbor(only build for trade route, or dedicated navy building city), library, lighthouse, seaport, colisium, monastary/mint, market, bank, observatory, university, temple, walls/castle on some cities that need it. Also any civ special buildings.

1 or 2 cities with baracks, forge, armory, arsenal, factory if you have the coal and its needed(if still have long production time). These are your cities for creating military ground units.

Build theater, circus, stadium as needed.

Capital almost always is building wonders. Maybe 1 more city to build wonders if it has marble. My capital often gets behind my other cities in regular buildings. My last game i had 26 wonders i think 20 of them were in my capital. I usually get the 33% wonder building early.

After those buildings are done just produce either wealth or research. There are times in the game if you are behind in tech you might need to start producing research and makeing the universities to catch up.

Eventually every city can be producing wealth(or research if needed still). These cities will also either be sience focus or gold focus depending on what is needed. Always keep food positive.

This strategy is for about a medium size empire, maybe 20-25 cities. If you try to do this with a small empire you will need to go weaken strong opponents in battle to win probably.

About workers it is best to control your own workers, and you really dont need more then like 4 workers ever. I usually have the pyramids so this helps. Sometimes I will get more and let them run wild but only if my empire has very strong economy.

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I had same economy issues and all the suggestion given are valid but i have one more. Economy problems usually begin in industrial era, so if you build a lot of worker during classical era, work every tile you use and disband all of them when you are done, your economy is going better. During a war capture as much enemy worker you can, use them to work the tiles in conquested cities and then disband them. rinse and repeat.
In civ 4 you could sit the workers somewhere after you didn't need them, in civ 5 it's a bad idea.
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Unlike what others have suggested, I found building all of the gold, science, culture, and production buildings in ALL of my cities will eventually give me a huge economy. I might take a hit at some portions of the game, but it's only because the AI defaults my city workers to tiles without gold, so I'd have to switch them to gold focused.

I find with building all these types of buildings in all my cities, I out-tech everyone, my culture will eventually be crazy, and my gold will usually be around +0-20, but eventually go upwards of +200-400 in some games.

I play on Pince/King as well. I keep my military to a minimum for defense. Quality over quantity...so keep units upgraded. I also only build roads as needed.

I think once I reach railroads, that's when I notice my gold start to dip into negatives until my cities flourish more.
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I don't understand why so many people are having problems with economy and science. It seems pretty simple, you just can't build all the buildings in all your cities. If you watch how many workers you have and keep them at a low number along with using great people as you get them you can manage your economy better. All my cities usually have science buildings in them, not all of them have culture or wartime buildings however. It is possible to have it all and still be rich but it isn't something I can easily type out here. Most games, on prince, I end up having over 2k science production a turn, 700 culture a turn and around 100-300gpt. A golden age puts me over 1k gpt. Had 15k gpt once, only happened for one game though and abundant resources was selected.
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Originally Posted by Osidan View Post
I don't understand why so many people are having problems with economy and science. It seems pretty simple, ...
Have you ever tried a marathon speed game on huge map with only domination victory possible at prince/king difficulty or higher? Many old time civ players like this kind of games, where they have 100+ cities. With vanilla civ 5 it's not possible, by fortune we have modders out there but it's kind of sad they did not find a way (maybe selectable features before starting a game) to satisfy also their old time fans.
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Ygolnac - No, I don't play on anything bigger than a standard map in Civ V. Well more like I can't, it makes it unplayable for me. I mostly play on prince because I don't like that I am sandbagged while the AI gets a boost in king. I would like one or the other for king level but not both. I don't play marathon games all that often either, I tend to stay up all night with the 'one more turn' syndrome I usually play w/ these setting:Prince difficulty, 1/2 # of city states (they bug the outta me but also are helpful), standard size map, small continents (I have found that this land arrangement gives the best AI results), disable cultural start (think that is what the option is called), and the rest I pretty much leave how it is. Depending on how I feel I may or may not select abundant resources. I do disable most victories though, science victory is way too easy to get as well as diplomatic victory.
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Osidian - I see and understand your way of playing, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. The main point of this kind of games is to have fun in the setting you prefear! I also understand the developers idea to make a game more streamlined to attract more players. The only question i have is why they did not think also at their "hardcore fans" making very long and difficult games possible (only if you like).
The problem with the economy in huge/marathon is that, even if you don't build all the buildings and care about roads, in a 100+ cities empire happyness is very difficult to keep positive, and in industrial/modern era your economy is going into toilet and the only means you have to no bankrupt heavely is going on disbanding troops, eventually becoming weak for your enemies.
I remeber a recent game where at turn 1500 i had 75 cities producing wealth, but that was not enough to maintain 120 units becouse their upkeep was 9000 gold per turn...
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Lol, damn. Wish I could play on bigger maps now I like longer games, it makes it more fun for me and gives me a chance to do what I want with my Civ. Sounds like I am missin out by not being able to play on the bigger maps, biggest I can go is large and that still drags @ every turn past 50. I actually get smoother play from MP games, the turns are almost instant compared to SP games for me.

You are right about Civ being a game that you can play anyway you like, I hope I did not come off sounding like it was otherwise



I can however made a marathon map on standard

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strong economy = slaves
get slave cities by turning your conquered enemies into puppets.
Build trading posts around your puppet cities and build up the infrastructure in your core cities.

Eliminate puppets (or annex) as needed. Use them as your primary source of income (use *only* trading posts for puppets)

Your core cities should be focusing on growth and production (don't worry about their income).

Make roads yourself (and efficiently). You should be able to get at the VERY least 2 to 1 as a bare minimum for your trade routes vs road expense.

Use MANUAL CONTROL for specialists in *all* cities. This forces your cities to work your land which increases productivity and income. If you WANT specialists, then do them in cities where appropriate. Also note your puppet cities will likely contribute to specialists since you cannot enforce manual control.

Use manual control of workers or set the AI to not replace existing improvements and leave a few workers for you to control.
Be warned... if your automated workers get bored they may start up road spam AND/OR they may not build roads efficiently (costing you trade income).

Obviously this only works if you actually take over cities. You CAN do a very similar thing with your own cities, but its just slower/more costly than taking over an existing city with territory and people already that carry fewer penalties than your own cities. Plus you take policy hit if you have to build your own cities.

Anyway... this works through all phases of the game, and also into late game. Even if you wanted to take the lazy route the BEST thing for you to do is to watch your roads and enable manual control for specialists. This will help you mid to late game substantially (and probably enough to beat prince AI without too much more effort)

Specialists are what cause the slowdowns mid-late game because of all the buildings in play.
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