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Saving crashes the game?

So I finished my first play through of Fallout New Vegas about 3-4 weeks ago, and decided today it was time to mod it up and try a second.

I backed up my data folder, downloaded the mods, put the proper load order into FOMM, updated my Archive invalidation folder, checked everything with FNVEedit and loaded the proper merged .esp file it creates after everything else.

The game ran fine... except I wasn't able to save outside of the tutorial area. No big deal I thought, but it turns out no matter what every game I start has the same problem.

I then removed my mods, reverted back to my original data folder, updated every driver I could think of, made every exe file related to new vegas run in windows xp service pack 3 compatibility mode, made sure my saved games folder was not set to read-only and even changed my fallout.ini file because the internet said sometimes the game has problems on multi-core systems. And I tried a combination of the above as well as all of them at once.

But still my game literally cannot save without Fallout New Vegas crashing... outside of the tutorial area. It's the weirdest crash I've ever received because the instant I click "No I don't want to edit my character and move on" I cannot save my game. Every new game I create has this problem... plus my original play through that easily had 500 saves with no problems what so ever.
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try the following steps:

1) allow the Courier to be killed, or blow yourself up. it should restart to the last save and somehow this fixes corrupt autosave files.

2) restart game and change settings to turn of auto-save on travel and auto-save on wait

3) suicide yourself one more time just in case

4) going forward only use manual saves
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