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Angry How do I NOT blow up the monorail

What I's LIKE to do is turn Curtis over to Hsu or Boyd for his treachery... but there doesn't seem to be any way to do that. Any ideas? I can indefinitely delay completing the "bonb the monorail" mission... but it leaves me stuck. Is there any way to get out of it?
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Judging from another post you've been given the bomb and told to blow up the monorail. This means you've agreed to work with the legion to blow up the monorail, and that possibly means you can't turn him in. That since you chose to go with the legion on it, you have to go with the legion on it.

I think you've managed to play through that quest in a way not intended/thought of by obsidian and it has kind of screwed up the quest. In order to turn Curtis in, you have to catch him in the radio tower, but he's not going to the radio tower because you've already agreed to help him blow up the monorail, hence why you have the bomb.

Edit2: And this, from the wikia.
At some point, you will be asked to speak with Captain Ronald Curtis, who is located on the first floor of the Camp McCarran Terminal building to the west of the escalators. He will then ask you to speak to Carrie Boyd and Contreras. Talk to Boyd, and then ask her about break-ins. She will say that there have been break-ins at the control tower every night. Ask her for an access key. IMPORTANT: Do not inform Curtis about that lead, this will make the quest impossible to finish!
So you most likely told Curtis about it, so he's not going there anymore, and you agreed to take the bomb.

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excellent research! +rep
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