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controller w/ 6 face buttons?

I'm having a hard time finding one for the PC. I saw some for the 360, but they all have a character design on them. I was looking for a clean black one with a great d-pad and analog stick (or even just the d-pad on its own), and of course, the 6 face buttons. Anyone recommend any?
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You want one of those, but you may have to head to E-bay to find them. The only comparable controller is the 360 pads with the designs on them.
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I have this one:

bought it for emulators and racing games, haven't tried much of SF4 with it but is a good gamepad
What made me buy it is the profile option that lets you map keyboard controls on gamepad so you can play games that don't support gamepads.
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I was pwning suckers until my Wireless receiver for my xbxo360 controller died on me. So i ordered this controller and i pwn so much more now.
There also was a site where these guys could take your controller and customize it for you. I think those are the same guys who worked with Ablegamers for there controllers.

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