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how to make money?

how exactly do I make money? I come first in a race, it says "first place: £8000", you win "£0", +400xp!!

I haven't made a penny but i've won 5 races... it's kinda odd....
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You make money every time you win. I've earned about a $1,000,000 and spent $800,000 on cars and I only played about 4 hours total so far.Not only that but I'm only playing on easy the higher difficulties pay more for winning I do believe.
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Old 12-01-2010, 04:59 AM   #3
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If I go to start a race, whatever I set it to, it only ever says 400xp in the bottom right hand corner. I can't change it. If I win the race, I get no money, but I do get the XP. What the hell is this about?
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Burbots Revenge
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have you tried the File Integrity Check ?
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It sounds like you keep replaying the same races...
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Old 02-03-2011, 12:51 PM   #6
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or playing it in free race rather than the actual career
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yea, you cant earn money from playing the same races... you need to race on a new track to earn money
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