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ReSt' In_PiEces
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Interested in Trine OR Lead & Gold, trading for some TF2 items (hats and weapons)

Hi. I was wondering if anyone has a spared copy of Trine or Lead & Gold. I have no games to offer but I will give you some TF2 items in return for one of these games. I have some exclusive stuff like: the Lumbricus Lid - hat + holy-hand-grenades (from Worms Reloaded) and Ellis' Cap + the Frying Pan (from L4D2). I also have some other stuff that you might be interest in.

Here's proof: http://img207.imageshack.us/img207/8633/proofnw.jpg

If interested in this trade, please post in the thread or PM me.

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Over here, please...

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too bad i don't care about any TF2 item
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