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Unhappy Failed to analyze every song I have?!?

I've been trying to import my songs into the game, but they won't import. Every mp3 file I've tried comes up with "Failed to analyze the song file".

I have a lot of remixes from OC-remix, several cd albums backed up on my PC for ease of listening, and I've even tried some mp3s I've made myself(original tunes that are terrible and not worth sharing ever, made mostly out of curiosity how to use fruity loops).

The only other odd thing with my music collection is that it's stored in E:/, a secondary hard drive used for my music. I usually use Win7's library feature to access the folder easily, but Rhythm Zone and a lot of other music games require I browse there instead of reading the library directories/paths.

None of them are opening in Rhythm Zone.

These same files work just fine in other games, like Beat Hazard, Audio Surf, ect. "Failed to analyze" tells me nothing about what's wrong with all my perfectly good music. Can someone please explain to me what the game is expecting?

My system OS info: Win 7, clean install of Rhythm Zone, and clean mp3s that work in every other game.

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Ok, managed to fix the problem. Apparently, Rhythm Zone uses lots of external programs to analyze the song. My Comodo Firewall/Antivirus was securing those extra programs even though Rhythm Zone was set to Trusted, and so the analyzer couldn't run.

So for people with this problem, here is the files you need to add to your trusted apps if you've got a antivirus:

C:\program files\Steam\steamapps\common\rhythm zone\tools\gamedata\VampCli.exe
C:\program files\Steam\steamapps\common\rhythm zone\tools\gamedata\Analyze.exe
C:\program files\Steam\steamapps\common\rhythm zone\tools\oggvorbis\vorbis_converter.exe
C:\program files\Steam\steamapps\common\rhythm zone\tools\fingerprint\lastfmpclient.exe
C:\program files\Steam\steamapps\common\rhythm zone\tools\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe

And of course, add Rhythm Zone.exe to the list as well.

I don't quite understand why the developers chose to use so many external exe files instead of just imbedding all the code in their game exe. Maybe there is licencing issues with the music formats or something. But it is working now.

I noticed analyzing the song takes a really long time compared to Audio Surf. Anyone know any tricks to make it go faster? Or better yet, a way to batch process a list/folder of songs?

I'd like to suggest to the developers that they somehow add a "song score" or "cleared" mark to each song in the song select screen. It would be very helpful to know if I've played a song or not(and what difficulty, score, ect), especally with all the freely offered tracks the game comes with.

Also, please make the song select screen remember the last catagory/song selected. I'm pretty tired of setting it to "rock" in between every single song, to see the list I am trying to play through, for example.

An alternate fix to the above would be to add a button on the song cleared/failed screen that automatically starts the next song in the catagory/genre/artist lists, allowing the player to bypass the song selecting entirely.

As it is right now, I got tired of selecting songs from my album halfway through it, because I kept having to select the artist name(which was way down the artist list), then remember which song I just finished. This could be a perfect game for me to zone out to when I'm tired, but I can't remember what I've played already when I'm in that state and the game currently has no way to help me out. :/

You've got a really decent game here, but I can't say it's any better then decent unless you add at least some basic scoring displays to the song selection and somehow let the player "continue playing" instead of starting all over at the default everything song list. Rhythm Zone's got potential to be really good, so please look into adding some of these features.

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