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Has anyone had trouble with the grenades not working all of the time or I am doing something wrong?
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Yup, very annoying problem. What I think is happening is that sometimes when you throw a grenade, it keeps the grenade you just threw in your inventory (if you open up your inventory it still show all of your grenades being there), so when you go to throw another grenade, even though it shows one in your hand, the game sees it as not being in your inventory, so it doesn't throw it. I find it happens the most when I quick save / quick load.

2 things that I have found that can work to fix it.

1)Save the game, then exit out to the main menu, then reload (not just a quick reload) . That pretty much always works for me (kind of a pain though).

2) Open up your inventory, and drop all of your grenades on the ground (or while you are searching a body), then pick up your grenades again. This works about 70% of the time for me, but not always.
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