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Is there more than one way to solve the puzzles?


Just wondering if there's one and only one way to solve each puzzle or is there other possibilities?

Obviously in the earlier stages of the game there are different routes across a level that a player can take, but it would seem to me that as the player progresses onto the more difficult levels that there would come a time when there is only one correct set of steps to take that will ensure completion.

With this in mind it is therefore possible for a player to have made many correct moves only to make a mess of things by making one irreversible move that will prevent successful completion of that particular level.

I'm not complaining, just making a general observation :-)

I think the game is great value for €10 and I'm surprised that there are not more people posting here in this sub-forum.

Happy puzzling to one and all.
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Well.. If taking two easy flowers in another order is another way to solving the puzzle, then yes (in some levels). Often you can take two (of the easier) flowers in both orders.

And some flowers have to be taken in a specific order. So watch out for irreversible jumps/rolls you can make that makes it impossible to reach that last flower!

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Often times, you are free to move around however you like. In many levels, you will need to find a way to the "other side" which involves dropping down somewhere. This can typically be only done in specific spots.

Also, you need to be careful with tiles which become useless once you've moved onto them (breakaway tiles, fire tiles). There is almost always a reason why they are in the level, and you should not waste them until you know why they have been included.
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