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Game is taking forever to complete

I finally managed to get research after like 4-5 hours of playing(had to scratch another game with 2-3 hours in it learning basic ropes), and the agents keep pumping into my base causing me to be only able to do one act of infamy at a time on the global map, since I need to leave quite a few guys at base and another pack in USA or the middle east making money.

Is there some way to get more than 100 minions or speed up the game, cause the pacing is killing what is otherwise a pretty fun game.
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http://wiki.n1nj4.com/index.php?title=Debug_Mode has a list of debug commands. I'm not sure if their instructions work with the steam version (I have a disc version)- but looks like LennardF1989 has put together a nice steam compilation here:

The commands you want are:

For maxPopulation, you may need to edit the config files (located under DynamicResources/Config)

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