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No sound

Evening chaps, the game works but there is no sound at all, nada!

Can it be fixed?

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I have no sound as well. I am using the demo though, since I wanted to make sure teh game works for me before I go and buy it.. lucky I chose to. Is the no sound issue on the demo, or full version too?I love indie games.. so I do hope they fix this problem and not just let it go now that they have made their moneys.
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Well one thing is for sure, for as far I know, atari even when I wish that atari is one, because they simply refuse to reply to any support requests.
I got an idea about where my sound problem is coming from, which is having multiple sound cards in your system, onboard, sound card, external, usb headphones etc. Inhere this game, even when you disable all but one soundcard still wants to use one of the ones you don't want to use, but I am still waiting for a reply from atari, but I guess they are too commercial (not indie that is) to even bother replying to any customer requests.
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I found a solution to this. It just requires downloading the latest FMOD EX API in the minor revision series that matches the game. I'm not sure about the demo, but the full version of the game uses the 4.28 series, so download FMOD EX API version 4.28.26, then install or extract fmodex.dll and fmod_event.dll from it, and install those with the game. Keep a backup of the originals in case you ever need to verify the cache or something.
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