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Game breaking bug

I am encountering an amazingly annoying bug that makes the game completely impossible to play. After a few levels of gameplay, many gameplay features completely break and stay unusable until I end the game.

The push ability stops repelling anything except the point shards which are violently shot away to the far side of the screen instantly and stay stuck there until you release the button. Push no longer changes the trajectory of the ball or any blocks, only power-ups and point shards.

The pull ability has the opposite problem, it will continue to pull in ONLY the ball or blocks, not point shards or power ups. The graphic effect for pull also messes up and appears to be pulling from a 90 degree angle at the side of the paddle, or will become stuck at one location on the screen.

While these problems pop up, the ball will no longer launch from the paddle in a straight line and will instead launch at a shallow angle directly into the nearest wall and will often get itself stuck between walls.

The ball will also collide with the paddle and become stuck to it, playing dozens of bounce sounds each second as it slowly slides from side to side of the paddle. It will remain there until it frees itself, usually warping through the paddle after around 4-10 seconds.

Every single time I play, these bugs happen after just a few minutes of gameplay. It doesn't matter what controls I use, controller or mouse, both break.

I have no idea where to even begin looking into something like this. I bought the game a few months ago and instantly shelved it due to this, and now I've come back today to see that the problem persists. Any suggestions?

For the record I am running it on W7 64b, i5 750, 4gb ram, R5850.
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I seem to be getting the odd effect too, and in the very start level... after one go where I was able to pull in the shards rapidly, suddenly the 'pull' function seemed to break and had no bearing on anything but the ball. For some reason it seemed to 'pull in air' vertically instead of horizontally (was playing a horizontal level at the time)
Very odd, and very not fun.
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I'm glad to find that I'm not alone, unfortunately I've done some searching and found a topic about the exact same problem on their official forums here and it appears that they have no idea what is causing it or how to fix it. This doesn't give me too much hope for finding a fix or work around.
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I have also been having this problem, but I found a workaround that I've also shared with their tech support: alt-tab.

I'm serious. At least for me, alt-tabbing out of the game and then bringing it back up again prevents the issue.
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I'll be damned, that actually worked.

Alt-tabbed out of the game right after it launched and then popped back in, was then able to play without the game freaking out. Thank you, Kurusai.
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Yeah this workaround was discovered today thanks to (i assume it was you I was e-mailing today kurusai) a keen user.

Thanks for the help and getting around this bug. If you do get this bug please e-mail support@sidhe.co.nz with your dxdiag information as it may help uncover the common element that makes this happen to a very small number of users.

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I e-mailed my dxdiag information to you earlier today. Thanks again for your help.
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