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Chaser The Wolf
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Changing steam install/game directory

It would be nice to have a option to change the steam directory(Without doing it manually). Or even have it to where the game directory can be in a different folder.
EX: Install directory could be "E:\steam" (Drive with only 100GB, but most is used up)
and game directory could be "D:\steam games\" (Drive with 452GB)
Or just move it all from "C:\program files\steam" or "E:\steam" to D:\steam
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Sorry for replying two months later, but I'm somewhat irritated that no one answered you before. You can just move your whole Steam directory to the other drive, then run Steam.exe once and it'll run a repair install.

At least, it used to. I've migrated my Steam installation between drives and OS installs, but that was back in the day...Old Steam days, I don't know if it still works the same.

I found your question trying to find out if I could relocate select games to alternative directories; I just got a pair of VelociRaptors, and 300GB isn't quite enough for all my Steam games. I was hoping I could put the high-use ones there and leave the others on a bigger, slower drive, but I don't know if that's even possible. I suppose it's harder to break/lose things this way, but it would be nice for situations like this.
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I don't understand why you won't just move the whole Steam folder to where you have the free space.
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Old 02-16-2011, 09:10 AM   #4
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This is why. I have steam installed on my solid state driver which is only 120GB. Why? So i can take advantage of the insane 4k read/write speeds for the game I wish (mostly online FPSs). However, I will quickly run out of room on this SSD so having the option to have more then one install location will solve my problem. The games I wish will be able to take advantage of the SSD while other games can sit on my 1TB storage drive.
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Join this http://forums.steampowered.com/forum...d.php?t=998110 where all this is being discussed.
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bumping this because it's absolutely ridiculous that Steam doesn't already support this.
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I use Junction links and have game spread over 4 drives and over 800 game installs most are steam. I have over 200 moved steam games that work where they are installed.

Steam should allow you to have a different install folder for each game.

Valve I have over 2tb of installed games, make it easier to install where I want thanks.
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Originally Posted by Fisty23 View Post
Thank you, kind sir.
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ulfric uk
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Its simple, all you need to do is uninstall steam completely yes you will have to re-install your games again but thats the only downside to it.

Then go to the steam website and you will see in the top right hand corner of the web page "install steam" click that and then you will get to choose where you want it installed, same as choosing a destination when installing a non-steam game .... the rest is simple from there on.

Hope this helps.
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