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Can anyone be kind enough...

to gift this to me? Please, I was thinking about getting it a while ago but money problems delayed that. Now that I heard almost no one is playing the game anymore and that would be a bad investment to buy a dead game, but I still really want to try this game due to the unique gameplay. I know I'm gonna get burned for this but it was worth asking, plus I can gift you a hat in tf2 if you do gift this game to a curious gamer.
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Money problems delayed you paying $4.99?
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Oh come on, this is lame, even tho I can't really afford much at the moment myself, I spent 4,99 Euro on this after I've read the devs background story on here and kinda liked the idea, even more what I learned about "the ship" with it's untempered concept compared to what ubisoft made em do with their idea which resulted in BGT state (which is not bad at all but apparently not what Outerlight had planned for it) but since the ship is financially out of reach for me at the moment I though well let's give it a try and at least show some support. After I bought it a friend saw me playing and bought it as well and I also hope to get some more friends interested when we do another lan party (where I imagine this to be even more fun).

5 Euro = 6,5946 Dollar

Usually if you got the money for the small things in life you enjoy that's nothing and even if it's not exactly nothing for you at the moment it can still be worth it and is still much better invested in as compared to cigarettes or other things ppl tend to waste money on daily even tho if you ask em they got no money for anything.

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I'm broke and I still bought it. It's only $4.99. Just sacrifice something small you normally spend money on and buy it. I would gift it to you if I was well off, but I'm a poor college kid without any family to help with expenses. And there are always a few players on whenever I play, so it isn't dead; there just aren't tons of players yet. I talk to people all the time that say they just bought it, so the community is slowly growing.
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Sell your first born, and buy the game!!
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