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Problems with Character Models

So I've recently downloaded the Witcher off of Steam. but I've run into a problem. The character models give off black bars going in random directions. These never last more than a milisecond and and are constanly happening. I've fiddled with just about every setting in the game, but have had no luck. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this? If it helps, I can run it on max settings without any trouble.

Another question: What do I do with the key that pops up every time I start the game? It says to type it in when the game asks for it, but it hasn't asked for it at all.

Thanks in advance.
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I have the exact same problem... can anyone help?
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They key is for older versions to verify they have a legal coppy to download the free Enhanced Edition upgrade or Director's Cut pack which this already comes with. Perfectly safe to ignore from what I understand of others threads in this forum that have mentioned it, so just select 'never show again'.
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