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Stuck on day 3

After I get the plate with the small ROV I return to the big ROV to deliver it so I can get back and get the pocketwatch, but the big ROV can't seem to grab the plate.....am I doing something wrong or should I just forget about the plate after I have picked it up?
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Talking plate?

I assume you mean the white star bowl, the third item they send you to get, since the sub can't get the other two. What I had to do was approach the ocean floor at a fairly steep angle, in order to get the arm in the right position...otherwise I was just pushing the bowl around (and it does slide around!)

Good luck.
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This game sounds like its very hard. I thought it was a free thing where you could go down and see the titanic without doing anything.
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I have the same plate problem, somehow it has to go back for auction right?
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I have a problem, so I pick up the plate and the guy tells me to go back to the submarine there i try to release the plate into that front compartment of the sub but it just can't get in there, so what do I do?
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DC Shoemaker
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White Star Plate

You don't need to do anything special with the plate, just return to the sub and dock the ROV. Nothing visible happens, but you've deposited the plate, it no longer shows in your claw (check with the G key) and you're free to continue.


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