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Physics Prop
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To everyone annoyed about the new discount:

Welcome to Steam.
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You're one witty motherer.
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+1,000000000000000000000000000 rep

SHould be stickied!!
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S. fatalis
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Originally Posted by WouldYouMind? View Post
You're one witty motherer.
+rep (had a good laugh )

There should have at least been a warning somewhere. If I knew Valve ed everyone over like this I would've been more careful and not trusted lieing indie developers.
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Same thing happened to my friend who got TF2. the next day it went on a super sale. he didn't cry about it. he just gamed.

Sales happen.
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Nearly every game goes at least 50% off within a few months after release. Only suckers pay full price all the time.
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'why the hell would we give our game we released a few weeks ago for pretty much free? wait a year '

^Recent quote from their twitter

this, as well as the constant messages of 'no sale' for xmas from Team Meat is why I'm annoyed, and probably why plenty of others are jarateed off with them.
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