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Weird ping problem- Server List lying?

Ok,this has never ever happened before to me:I search for European servers,choose an almost full one with 20-40 ping,go in and BAM,i have 150+ ping and so does everyone in the server,usually.

Why is this? How do i play if i can't properly choose a server? Ports are open.I've got a fairly good connection,I'm playing in XP,dunno what else to say.

Does anyone have any idea?

Thanks in advance
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The server browser says I've got 80 ping but when joining it's around 300. Any ideas?, thanks.

EDIT: windows 7, I play other online games like TF2 without problems, and opened this ports:
TCP outgoing
UDP outgoing
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in game latency isn't the same as you simply pinging a server. BFBC2 also has an inflated latency in game for whatever reason. It's typical two times higher than what it should be based upon every other multiplayer game in existence that uses dedicated servers.
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When the server list populates your system reaches out and touches it to get a ping. Usually once you go into one and everything else that happens within a server begins it goes up. The first number is usually a baseline I have noticed.
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I have 10x higher ping in this game than any other multiplayer games.
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High ping is normal in BC2. I find that if its under 180 its pretty good.

Only been on one server where it was under 100
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