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Thumbs up Join the 'Rock of Ages' OGG and win a free copy of Zeno Clash

ACE Team and Atlus are launching the 'Rock of Ages' official game group through which we will be sharing a lot of content of our crazy next game. In the future we will share news, media and developer interviews through the group. We've already started with our latest blog entry of ROA which you can read here (it's a pretty interesting read ).

With the launch of the OGG we are currently running a small contest... after two weeks we will pick 10 random users of the official game group and give them either a free PC or XBLA code of Zeno Clash. So even if you already own the game you can still participate and get it for another platform.

Participating is just one click away (or maybe two... you need to 'join' ):

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Joined only because I'll be buying Rock of Ages and I didn't know that an Official Group existed. Thanks, cbordeu.
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Oh man! ROCK OF AGES! Cannot wait! Hope the Ace Team had a great holiday season!

Exclamation points!
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