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360 specific forum mod.

Hey guys, you probably don't know me, cuz I post mainly in the L4D2 forums.

We've had a lot of similar threads pop up recently, and some flaming and crap like that, and I suggested in a thread that we nominate other people to get a general mod or two (one for US time and one for EU time, and to regulate each other.) for the 360 forums.
Of course, we realized that we're all pretty friendly with one another on our forum, and having two mods from there would kind of be suspicious.
So this thread'll be posted to look for nominees-try not to nominate yourself-and then an admin will be PM'd about it.

Can anyone here recommend anyone?
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I recommend myself.

U mad rules?

All joking aside, it would be wonderful to have an Xbox Mod. Anyone who will take the flame that goes with it. Its needed I believe, and long overdue.
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Hi people, anouther l4D2 player here. Just to let you know we're going to send the list of suggestions to the mods/admins on Monday so if you want to suggest someone please post it here before then.
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I vote Jammingamer!
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