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Angry SPORE won't start?

As the title of this post suggests, Spore will not start for me. I tried reinstalling it, verifying it, running the main application in the installed folder, and yelling at it, but nothing worked. I just bought the game yesterday, so wtf is it not working?

Please tell me how to fix this. I'm starting to loose faith in Steam games. I've been wanting to play this since it came out, but couldn't afford it at that time.

Specs are:
Windows 7 Pro 64-bit CPU
Saphire 3870 GPU
500W PSU
AMD Athlon 64 dual core at 3.10GHz

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I contacted EA and this is what they said:

Unfortunately the game is not tested on Windows 7 64 bit environment. There is a work around that you can try but still there is no guarantee about it. You can try to run the game as administrator, to run the game as administrator:

1. Right-click on the shortcut icon of the game on your desktop.
2. Choose the option "Run as Administrator".
3. Choose to allow the game.

If the game still not runs properly, Please try to play it in Compatibility mode. Please visit the following link for the steps to play the game in compatibility mode:

Andy: Please accomplish the following before launching the game:

1. Empty your Temp folder to prevent file conflicts. Click here for steps on emptying your Temp folder:

2. Please end all background tasks to prevent conflicts with other programs. Click here for steps on ending background tasks:

I tried everything above, but it didn't work. If I end up figuring out how to fix this problem, I'll post it here.
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Thumbs down Looks like if...

Seems like if EA is still selling the game threw Steam and in retail stores, looks like they would at least release a patch to be able to run on the newish operating system.

So far, I've tried everything that other people, forums, and I could think of. I refuse to have to run the game in XP mode just because EA didn't do they're job. If I can't get this game to work in the next few days, I will no longer buy any EA games EVER again. I made sure I told them that too.
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I tried something a little different from what everyone was suggesting, and it ended up working. I got a used Spore disc and installed it using the product key that Steam gave me, and guess what....it freaking worked! I take back what I said about EA, and instead direct it to Valve. FFS people if you're gonna sell a game threw your client the least you could do is test it and/or get it working before you release it threw your game client.

Whats the final lesson to this ordeal? You get what you pay for. Next time I'm gonna just pay for the hard copy. If I would have paid the $5 more for the hard copy threw half.com I could have been playing this game over a month ago.

Thanks for all the help Valve Team. You managed to ignore my request for help, so I would have to figure out the answer myself. Good job...
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I have Windows 7 64 bit systems with both ATI and Nvidia cards, and neither have had to do any of that compatability stuff for Spore to come up without a hitch.

As for as the game "won't start", can you elaborate besides that you yelled at it? You click the icon, absolutely nothing happens? A splash pops up and then it goes away, you go into fullscreen black and then it goes back to desktop..

Basically I need more info to even start to answer your question. Going to support.ea.com they provide two troubleshooting tools, one to detect network problems and one to detect system problems. http://help.spore.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/43 should output some sort of system log that will explain video drivers etc.

I would also suggest looking for a crash log for the game, but I can't find anything like that in my local game folder besides maybe %appdata%\Spore\Temp folder that would indicate a partial startup log?
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I got it working now, so it doesn't really matter anymore. What I meant by "won't start" is that it wouldn't start at all. The only indication of it doing anything is it would come up in task manager then goes away after about 5 seconds. I even tried bypassing the Steam client by going straight to the exe, but that didn't work either.

The "yelling" part was suppose to be a joke, but seems no one on the internet has a since of humor anymore.
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In my case, installing Galactic Adventures fixed my issue with Spore on Windows 7. The Galactic Adventures install process included a patch for Spore that got it working on Windows 7 Ultimate. Once I was finally in Spore, it prompted me to patch the game yet again, so I did, and everything is working fine now.

FYI, this was all done with an Origin version of the game... but this might also work on Steam.
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