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Black screen on startup (with fix)

Just installed Darksiders today. When I launched the game, it would show the THQ and Vigil logo, then hang on a black screen. Thought I'd post the fix here in case anyone else has the problem.

Open the steam folder for Darksiders (Steam\steamapps\common\darksiders\) and go to \media\videos. There are three files in there, all with the word Logo in them:


Rename all three to .bak instead of .wmv. Game launched fine after that. Judging from the forum, I'm sure there will be other issues. But at least this fixed the launching problem for me.
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I solved the same problem with just unistalling my 3rd party AC3 audio filter.
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That didn't work for me. It skips the movies but just goes straight to the black screen. What a frustrating mess.

I feel like whatever the game defaulted my resolution to is off. I have my PC hooked up to my HDTV via HDMI at 1920 x 1080 but the game is definitely not at that resolution. It would help of course if I could see the menu to change it.

I did rename the movies, but I don't see how you actually rename the file type. I just added a .bak to the end of the name.
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Could someone possibly tell me what buttons I would need to press to change the resolution to 1920 x 1080? That way when I get to the black screen I'd know which keys to hit to get that changed and perhaps that would fix my issues... maybe not though
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Thumbs up

thanks a lot frij! that was most helpful
i managed to get in game, and get rid for the intros at the same time
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I had the exact same problem so all I have to say is thank you SO much for finding a solution. It would really suck to not be able to play the game due to a stupid bug like that.
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