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GTX 580 or AMD 6970.

Hi guys. hahah its been awhile. anyway, Ive been in the process of building a new system. Currently I have 6Gb (2Gb x 3) Corsair Dominator 1600mhz. A 64Gb Corsair Nova SSD. 850Watt corsair modular PSU. A Rampage 3 extreme and a Cooler master HAFX. I've built lots of systems in the past but I've held off on both these forums and building a new system for a few years because I bought a brand spankin new house in the summer. First house and it costs alot more than I expected... lol. Anyway tomorrow is going to be the day I finish this beast off.

I still need a video card and obviously a processor. I was thinking of going with a i7 950. $269.99CAD any thoughts? Should I wait for sandybridge or just go for it? Secondly (this is where I cant make a decision for the life of me) Should I get the GTX 580 or the AMD 6970. I cant justify spending a over $500 on the GTX 580 but at the same time I dont want to be disapointed with a 6970. Ill be playing black ops and some CSS. Ive also got a 24inch LED 1920x1080 samsung display and I would enjoy playing my games at that res. Lets here your thoughts. Ill post pictures of this thing tomorrow night if you guys help me make a decision!

Thank you!
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Are those the only games you play? you can max those games out with a 8800gt. They're both cpu intensive games.
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I play those games alot. Im excited for some new games coming out though. I enjoy Crysis and I know they're releasing a new one in the near future.
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The GTX 580 is going to be the better video card. However, if you're only playing Black Ops and CSS, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between a 6970 and a GTX 580. The 6970 is the better value. The 6970 also scales nearly 100% in crossfire, and it excels at super high resolutions.

The i7 950 is fine, but the new Sandy Bridge processors will be better. If you feel like waiting, great. If not, the i7 950 will still be a good CPU. Since it sounds like you've already got the motherboard and RAM, you should just go ahead and get the i7 950 and be happy with it.

Overall, that will be a very fast system.
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