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Game Being Chopped

Downloaded this game, and every time I attempt to play I get a screen that is chopped. As can be seen here http://imgur.com/vYjD6.jpg My suspicion is that this has something to do with having my projector plugged in when the Direct X first time setup ran, however I can't confirm that, and I don't know how to run the direct x setup again.

What can I do to get this working?

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Try playing the game in window mode.

Steam\steamapps\common\whispered world

Open TWWOptions.exe

Select Window Mode


Things you can look into is how is your graphic card scaling the game? Try the different options like for it not to scale.

I don't have any experience with projectors but perhaps it to is having some sort of a scaling issue?

The game in window mode looks to be running at 1024x768 you could try setting your windows resolution to that before running the game to see the results.

Good luck.
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Are you sending 1080P to a 720p or 1080i projector?
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Also, as always, try verifying the game cache files and/or uninstalling and reinstalling.
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