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Exclamation Tom is mad at me.

This is getting so annoying. I have replayed the game several times up to the point where I'm suppose to let Tom (in the bar) unlock the diary for me. But I end up with him refusing to talk because he is mad at me and needs to cool down. I tried several dialouge options, where he even ends up wanting to talk to some people and help me out. But still the same.

How do you make him cool down!? I cannot find any way to progress from this point.

I figured that there might be something about him watching the trade with the batteries to the drunk guy, but I have tried to avoid that and it still ends up with Tom being mad. If this is some kind of dead end where you cannot progress, this game really fails, because it gives no hint what so ever that you have done something wrong or that you cannot progress further.
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When the guy gives you the task, refuse.
Then talk to Tom until he agrees that you do whatever you got to do.
Then you do the battery exchange. Tom will help you to know that its a watch battery, and wont be mad at you.
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