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I'm just plain confused. So you pick a girl, walk around, and then... occasionally the shadow of a wolf or bird's footprint flashes on the screen near you. Aside from that... nothing. All you can do is walk around and eventually reach grandma's house where you ride the railroad (pressing any button marches you straight upstairs to grandma's room) and then the game cheerfully informs you that you found 0 out of 2093478 items and 0 out of 2938472 secret cool stuff, and game over. LOL

I'll give the devs props for creepy atmosphere and whatnot, but surely there must be some way of doing something. Right now I'm trying to scour the intertubes for a user manual or guide or some shiite.

Any help from the peanut gallery?
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Its a bit of an experimental game - the creepy atmosphere IS the game. You can go off the track and find the wolves and get 'eaten' but thats not the be all and end all of the game.

Its hard to do but its the kind of game that sucks if you're actively trying to 'do it' but can be appreciated in a different sense if you sit back in your chair and wander around the environment and explore / discover it.
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I get the bit about atmosphere and exploration. I was rather hoping for more information on that bit where I get to grandma's house and I'm a failure with zero discoveries of any kind. People mentioned flower picking, but how that is accomplished is anybody's guess. I'm accustomed to looking on control layout screens to find what the buttons do, but the developers didn't see fit to allow such a thing. So... meh...
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I suppose you're playing the full game and no the demo ?

If so, you don't really need to use many buttons, I walk around with the arrow keys, the down arrow serves to stop interacting, and the shift allows you to run.

Interactivity in this game is simply by walking the girls to stuff and waiting, they will then interact by themselves. If another girl face shows up it means the object is used by that other girl.

Instead of going to the grandma house you have to explore and find stuff in the forest, that's where the game is at.
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You need to get lost in the forest. And then find things that you can "collect" by interacting with them (simply let go of the controls when an overlay image appears near an object). This will result in a better score. But the score board at the end is really more of a bad joke. Don't worry about it too much.

The manual of the game is here.
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