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How can I input my cd keys for Doom 3 and RoE?

Hi there. I just recently bought the Doom complete pack as I am a huge fan of the series. So I loaded up Doom RoE and it asked for the CD Key so I clicked cancel as I didn't copy the CD Key from Steam to the clipboard and exited the game, copied the key and went back in but then it didn't ask for the key anymore? So is there something wrong or is this normal?
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I've also bought it, and downloaded the RoE extention this night. It didn't asked for a CD key on the first launch. I guess since you've bought it on Steam, there's no CD, so no CD key?
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lol you guys mustve never played a modern ID Tech game...

If you had played Quake 3 Arena or any other modern game that requires a cdkey you would obviously be aware that all you have to do is goto the options more than likely for MP and itll have spot for you to enter your cdkey(s)...

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