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Exclamation Gameplay issue and minor visual suggestion

On stage 15, I had to make three words in the three rows. I believe I made (rot-13 encryption to avoid spoilers) CNZCRE, CEBSVG, ERZBGR in three swaps. However, it would only accept the words if the words were in the reverse order.

As evidence, here are some images: not winning versus winning.

Is there some rule about the order of the three words I've simply overlooked (I think a similar thing happened to be in some level before stage 11, possibly stage 10).

Less significantly, I have some trouble reading tiles that appear to be burning (perhaps as a suggestion that there's a good swap to be made there); maybe I just need to adjust my brightness settings, though.

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It goes according the hints afaik.And yes burning is annoying sometimes as is the damn owl.
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