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David Achievement

So how do people go about getting this? Is there a specific enemy that will be 5 levels higher then you but really weak (Such as something that just heals) or is kiting an enemy around watch towers possible?

I'm currently level 8 with about 5 towers bunched together and all I have to do is sit in between then and raiding parties usually are dead by the time they get to me.

Update: So I managed to find a bunch of level 13's but just as I was about to finish a weak archer off I levelled up so now Im trying to dig through a whole bunch of unexplored areas for something level 14 =/

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The higher level you go the more chance there is for enemies to be armed with stronger weapons and armor. That is the biggest problem. Monsters that are usually weaker than other higher level monsters are knolls, sometimes goblins, and orc archers and shamans, and sometimes the undead. Dark Elves, Dark Dwarves, Undead, Bandits, Trolls, Giants, Ogres at high levels have lots of health and heavy weapons. Try making full use of your gear and town, get potions like stone skin or berserker, as high armor as you can go and weaponry. You can try to find a target have your party members weaken it then tell them to go back to town and finish of the monster. The hardest part at times is pulling the monster and only one monster which can be a pain. Wandering around very high level monsters can be tedious at times. What class are you trying, might as well get the best melee class you can like knights, dwarf warrior, something with high constitution and regeneration, and fast weapon speed.
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Just for others who might need this achievement.

I got this one with a bow and kiting. I just shot a level 12 while I was level 4 or so. After 2/3 shots I ran away, hide, and then returned and repeated it.

I was shooting at a mob that doesn't move and kept returning to his same spot over and over.
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