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new steam account

I recently moved from the country i was in to the UK. My old email which was on my steam account before i moved was no longer any good. I tried to change my email today and could not it was sending me an verification to my old email which no longer exists. I set up a new steam account with my new email , now when i try to set up the games it tells me that the game reg number is being used on another account which it is my old steam account. Is there any way to transfer these games to my new account or is there any way to delete the old account so i can retrieve these games? As it stands i sent a help request to steam just flustrated i can't get on any of the cod games. Any advise will be appreciated thanks....Don.
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You must contact Billing and Support by creating a ticket, explaining you wish to have your email changed, as they must verify ownership first, make sure to have proof of purchases ready to go as outlined in step 4 in this article section.
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You can still login to the old account, presumably, if you've tried to change the email address?

If you can, don't panic, you can just login to the old account and install the games. Contact support to change the email address,

Otherwise, if you can't login to the old account, contact support for help getting into it.

The fact that you've changed country shouldn't make an iota of difference.
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