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Games won't install

I recently purchased the Hitman pack off of the Steam sale. I hadn't used Steam for quite a while so I downloaded a Torchlight Demo to make sure it worked. There were problems - it never got past the 'Preparing Torchlight files for install'. When I tried to cancel it, the classic windows sign came up saying that 'Steam was not responding'. I shut down Steam, restarted it and noticed that the Torchlight demo was installing anyway. When it finished it played perfectly in offline mode. So, I bought the Hitman pack (and also Sid Meiers Pirates!) and the same thing happened as with the Torchlight demo - it never went past the preparing to install game part. Except this time when I shut down Steam and restart it, the game isn't installing.

This is just one of many problems I've had with Steam recently, but it's the only one I have yet to find a way to fix! Any help is appreciated!

Solutions I've tried include restarting my laptop and running Steam as administrator.
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Kelis its not ur fault well at least i doubt it is

Currently the steam servers are so overloaded with people trying to downloadin/install all of their new cheap games the servers cant handle this many people so basically it just wont do anything.. since i bought my last games i get a connection problem so ur lucky to even be on steam D:
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It's hard to figure out what's going on here. A restart and admin privileges certainly help narrow it down! Antivirus? Firewall? (AVG is notorious for not playing nice with Steam)

Have you tried reinstalling the Steam client? When you say you haven't used it in a while, did you just install it back on your machine, or if not, when was the last time you used it? Careful when uninstalling/reinstalling the client, you don't wanna blow away any already-downloaded games.
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it happens sometimes. as I encountered this a few times (totally random on different pcs) it seems to be an error on steams side.

edit: deleting the clientregistry.blob file helps sometimes
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I've had the same issue. I purchased Hitman as well as a few other games and as of last night, I've not been able to install them. I receive the following message:

No Steam content servers are configured to deliver content for this game. This will be corrected soon. Please try again in a few minutes.

I've tried again this morning, but I am still unable to install. I figure if this was a more widespread problem, we'd be hearing more about it, but not hearing much makes me worry it's something on my side.
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I'm pretty certain it's not my firewall. I use Norton, which I haven't heard any problems have arisen from it (correct me if I'm wrong on this!). I'm not sure if it's relevant but I have Vista!

I've never uninstalled Steam since I've got it. Despite all the problems I've had with it, I've managed to find solutions that didn't involve uninstalling and reinstalling Steam. If I uninstalled it, would I just lose the game data? I assume I wouldn't lose the games in their entirety?

Deleting the clientregistry.blob didn't seem to do anything.

Not sure if it means anything but when it's installing it SEEMS to get stuck on the "creating local game cache files"

I'm more worried as the the fact that Steam seems to be giving me the data, but it isn't working past that point! I might be wrong, I know practically nothing about the intricacies of computers!
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