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Angry HP 900 Inkjet Printer

Yes, I suppose this post is a first.

It is about our HP 900 Inkjet Printer. The black cartridge is choppy and produces broken prints and I suspect that its almost out. But I can't see the trusty software-supported "estimated amount of ink" from the "Printers and Faxes" -> HP 900 -> Printing preferences.

It is supposed to show in the "Services" tab when you click on the "Service this device" button. That's what is says in the http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport...ctID=c00219780

I follow the steps mentioned in the link above, but instead of the "Toolbox" opening when you click on the "Service this device" button, it tells me "Unable to perform the operation" instead.

The Toolbox is where you perform a cartridge cleaning/deep cleaning operation, right?

What the hell? Where's the utility functions of this thing?

I tried exiting COMODO Firewall Defense+ and running the printer's printing preferences again, but its just the same result. Even re-installing the driver, same result.

Am trying to print from a laptop, btw.
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Holy, sounds like you need to get my printer! It's an Hp Inkjet too, but mine has a digital ink meter. It cost me like 80 bucks?
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If I were going to get a new Printer, I'd probably get an Epson T10.

These printer companies are ridiculous. They don't know how to get in all the action of CISS or Continuous Ink SystemS. They always bi*ch around trying to convince their customers that the warranty will be voided if they install a CISS unto their printer. Why don't they provide CISS capabilities with their printers the moment their customers buy them? That way their customers stay with them from the get-go and every time they need an ink refill instead of going to independent ink re-fillers.

They try to make it more difficult for people to install CISS by doing stupid things to their printers like making it not be able to print if at least one cartridge is empty, or doing stupid things to their software, like what I am experiencing now.

Holy Cr** I can't access the utility functions of this damned printer the way I used to! It was so simple! Now how am I to do cartridge cleaning or alignment when it keeps on telling me "Unable to perform the operation"? HP should have just kept all utility functions under one maintenance tab, kept their software simple and not "fancy", like CANON does.

Sorry, but I hate HP now. Their fault, not mine.

Oh, and yes, I emailed HP customer support yesterday (Jan1 of all days, Happy New Year).

So far I have received their automated reply. Now I am waiting for their actual customer support reply. It better be damn good and not something stupid like, "Please connect the printer's usb to your laptop. Thank you for contacting HP support."

I am also going to call them come the first office day of the year. At least they seem to have a local presence here in the Philippines.

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Every HP I've ever had since around the 2001 models you can read the ink levels. You need to install the full software, not just the basic drivers. It differs from model to model though. It also depends if the OS you're using is fully supported by the drivers/software. Check the HP website for a later driver/software package version. If a later one is available for your OS, do a complete uninstall of your current HP drivers and software, reboot and then install the new one.

I did run into this with an HP but it was a model that didn't have full software support for Vista when that came out. Thus all I could do was install a Vista-compatible driver and it's software was then very limited and didn't have the normal full capabilities that it had under Win2000/XP.

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Ok, the problem with HP is that they do not update their bloody manuals. When you install the drivers, it will also install a User's Guide. The User's Guide does not state that the Utility functions are all in the start menu under HP. Its a separate program apart from the driver!

Just lousy and stupid. That's HP for you. They've become too corporate its like they lost certain sensibilities like updating the little things like User's Guide.

Oh, and yeah, I got to see my ink levels. Just squeezing every last drop out of the color cartridge before buying a new one. Black is totally dry. But we bought a black cartridge already and it is ready to be installed once the color cartridge runs out.

At least HP lets you print with only one cartridge, unlike EPSON. With EPSON, they say it won't print until you have ALL cartridges installed. Talk about blackmail.

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