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Mafia 2 works on Windows 7 64bit

Mafia 2 works on my Windows 7 64-bit machine. I never buy PCs off the shelf, instead I've been assembling my own PCs since the early 90s. Here are my specs; they're not high-end specs like other people have but it will run any game at a stable framerate with little to no crash or lock-ups. Sharing with you my specs:

Windows 7 64bit OEM
Direct X 10 updated drivers
AMD Phenom X4 3.0ghz Quad Core
ASUS motherboard
4 gb ram
two Hitachi SATA 500gb each hard drives
ATI 1gb PCIe Radeon card (October 2010 drivers)
Realtek onboard soundcard (July 2009 drivers)
Pioneer DVD/CD drive

Notice my ATI drivers and my onboard soundcard drivers aren't even updated. I have no idea why every game I install from Steam works without any issues. Wait...I did experience one issue with Sacred 2 but I was able to fix it by adjusting some config files.

I think the crashes and lock-ups are really difficult to pinpoint. There's like a million system spec combinations out there and just trying to target a specific issue is hard. My approach to computers is to keep everything in it simple...no fancy overclocking, minimize gadgets hooked up to your PC if you're not using these gadgets.

Hope this helps.
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Umm... cool story bro?
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